Max for Eigenharp

Using Max/MSP to control the Eigenharp

Easy VST hosting with MaxMSP

Over the last few years, I have depended on MaxMSP to support my keyboard rig and eigenharp for live use with The Security Project and Beyond The Wall. I recently started a complete overhaul of my design, partially to address some deficiencies in my earlier version but more importantly to make it even easier to […]

Display characters on the Alpha

I’m about to go on tour with The Security Project and thought it would be cool to be able to display messages on the Eigenharp from time to time. The only painful part of implementing such a feature is the creation of the “bitmaps” that represent each character to be displayed. Fortunately, it turns out […]

A simple shell external

Although this isn’t strictly for Eigenharp usage, it’s very handy to allow Max to execute command line programs and get the results back. Although other shell components have been developed in the past, I have had sufficient problems with them that I developed my own. Pass in a string with arguments as required. If the […]

A horrible hack to detect velocity

The Eigenharp generates continuous OSC data as soon as you start touching (and indeed while you’re releasing) a key. However, if you’re living in the MIDI world, you need an initial velocity to go along with the note. While you could certainly just use a constant velocity (probably a low value) and then use continuous […]

Making key movements produce MIDI CC events

If you’ve already installed the Max4Eigenharp library, you can create a simple abstraction that makes it easy to associate CC events with the various movements of a key. Here’s a simple abstraction that produces CC numbers 10, 2, and 7 when you move key 24 (first key on the bottom row of an alpha)  horizontally, […]

Set your LED colors easily from the Alpha keyboard

On the Eigenlabs forum, one user,  0beron, created a tool for setting the LEDs on an Eigenharp Alpha to desired colors essentially by just pressing the keys. I found that to be a wonderful idea and decided to implement the same feature with Max. This turned out to be very easy to do in a […]

Minor update to LEDController

As of version 2.0.48 Experimental, the format of the REST commands to turn on/off lights has slightly changed. Below (in standard Max compressed format) is an updated version of Eigen.LEDControllerV2 to conform to the change. <pre><code> ———-begin_max5_patcher———- 853.3oc0YFsTiBCEF951mhLL5crsjDfR8tcF8MXuacmcnPZINzDlPPq5369l DfonRaQZWr0YDlDBg+7w+4jC5qiGYsfugjaAtA7avnQuNdzHSW5NFU0dj05v MQog4lgYEwWulvjV1kWSR1HM8+qDZN3QhHmxYfkbA3N5JB6V.ZhyD2.vcaxH Bp9NCSqu2TJiDwKXlI.U0IM1Lc7EO7C25Atjyjrv0DyU9oftcJxBkQIT1p+J HQxxkgGxchiM.i0GgdNlFpt.+o5dXEqorThzrdfMdD4zWLOBnRyaGKuPVOXG cmuMdr9f8Qxqa4fPvSI7TBPvepqHANuWLwMXtgF93Id1fY9eyLgQdRsX9DRx yDTlbIHlnlbBHQJytY5zTdTXZBOWdCzA44LMK44bZz1kaS5f5EcfAnIX0On. a.Z1LMbPtF6Cx4jvn5AW1k74LR4C1xB7mSG9hSdXhfjKaCLv9Ya7gZJ35EnO UFJcQgjZGUVgbW1oHdZwZ1zqimpBCUm.Wm2F.OF9gwkYjblse.h+FA3ZRdd3 JxmH3UPvUn1.RPuHBdtAE9957PtF5.C1EOPmeFpvrLBKFb+8WAaAJ98yk3Y7 EPrAJyfmuQY6xjrRPHLklAaoxg1Hqe1GWDrw9XddlvJz4n+YQgTxYsE33b3v CnJSgWoInKVgNtPVDxVcRCFJdgB7ZaI5dL4FphCb82+h+K8xEuWlXu8LUaX6 ChLBqEVf1maFWWGlZg5Uer8k6W2zVco55OKqEMUUXt.DYChRIgBacomfpdsN k6Zf.slfD0yxWq.kgQWf6ZzsBa6VkHnYGABccJK8Ggu.qDAC1osBeTkmUBkp cguj7UB0zS.7kKKCma9gjMoiyQ3XP3xfN7Apc08qPG2cRG6F+9NRYdplpJ9v esBix08+d7kyKDQ0SaUAGfsZOV8cRTVnjp1id6XzjpwfRnwwDVyruwz7vEoj 3c+gucUN9cPNZICGD0nyKeX5LavnyGdTsqG8G0NT5A2E8LbxwoKutlOr5AeH 8fGV8fNzqqfgUOvCoGzvomyqbgvtja1+7RNvADOtcvMOblYH57J2LrKICMLb […]

Splits, layers and tuning

In this article, I describe the approach I used in Max to implement keyboard splits and layers and configuring a desired tuning. I assume you are using the basic OSC setup described in an earlier article and that EigenD is running. You should open the object [Eigen.OSCInputV2] in its own patcher or instantiate it in […]

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Controlling the LEDs of the Alpha

In the 2.x versions of EigenD, the LEDs are controlled by sending http REST commands to EigenD. I couldn’t find a REST component for Max so I wrote one that has sufficient support to control the Eigenharp. It’s included with the latest update. It is used by the Eigen.LEDControllerV2 object which understands the following messages […]

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Simple example of Max with the Eigenharp Alpha

Here’s a simple collection of Max patchers to demonstrate the ability to receive OSC data from the Eigenharp Alpha and produce output suitable for a MIDI device. The important objects include Eigen.OSCInputV2 Receives incoming OSC data and converts it to key numbers and associated data (pitch, aftertouch, etc). This object needs to be either opened […]

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