Max for Eigenharp

Using Max/MSP to control the Eigenharp


Making key movements produce MIDI CC events

If you’ve already installed the Max4Eigenharp library, you can create a simple abstraction that makes it easy to associate CC events with the various movements of a key. Here’s a simple abstraction that produces CC numbers 10, 2, and 7 when you move key 24 (first key on the bottom row of an alpha)  horizontally, […]

Controlling the LEDs of the Alpha

In the 2.x versions of EigenD, the LEDs are controlled by sending http REST commands to EigenD. I couldn’t find a REST component for Max so I wrote one that has sufficient support to control the Eigenharp. It’s included with the latest update. It is used by the Eigen.LEDControllerV2 object which understands the following messages […]

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Simple example of Max with the Eigenharp Alpha

Here’s a simple collection of Max patchers to demonstrate the ability to receive OSC data from the Eigenharp Alpha and produce output suitable for a MIDI device. The important objects include Eigen.OSCInputV2 Receives incoming OSC data and converts it to key numbers and associated data (pitch, aftertouch, etc). This object needs to be either opened […]

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