Max for Eigenharp

Using Max/MSP to control the Eigenharp

Simple example of Max with the Eigenharp Alpha

Here’s a simple collection of Max patchers to demonstrate the ability to receive OSC data from the Eigenharp Alpha and produce output suitable for a MIDI device. The important objects include

  • Eigen.OSCInputV2
    Receives incoming OSC data and converts it to key numbers and associated data (pitch, aftertouch, etc). This object needs to be either opened by itself or contained in some other patcher (but it should only be in one place)
  • Eigen.Alpha.Keygroup
    Defines a rectangular section of the keyboard and passes through only key information for that section. You can create as many Eigen.Alpha.Keygroups as you need and they’re useful for both splits and layering. This object receives output “wirelessly” from the Eigen.OSCInputV2
  • Eigen.Scale.Guitar
    The inputs of this object receive the output from an Eigen.Alpha.Keygroup. You can specify the first note and the desired MIDI channel.

These Max patchers have been tested with Max 6.0.4 and with EigenD version 2.0.44-experimental. Due to the OSC changes that occur between EigenD versions, there’s absolutely no guarantee that this Max code will work with any other version of EigenD (and it certainly doesn’t work with earlier versions).

After you have installed everything, open AlphaTest (see image below) and you should be good to go.

Top level max patcher to test communication with the Eigenharp Alpha


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  • Francois-jean de Brienne says:


    I’m new to max but have been using my Alpha for a few years now. I’d really like to try out your patchers but the download link seems broken. Where can I get the code? Thanks in advance!

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