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Using Max/MSP to control the Eigenharp

Controlling the LEDs of the Alpha

In the 2.x versions of EigenD, the LEDs are controlled by sending http REST commands to EigenD. I couldn’t find a REST component for Max so I wrote one that has sufficient support to control the Eigenharp. It’s included with the latest update. It is used by the Eigen.LEDControllerV2 object which understands the following messages

  • clear
    Clears all the LEDs on the Eigenharp
  • red r c, green r c, orange r c, off r c
    Turns the LED at row r col c red, green, orange or off respectively
  • row {red,green,orange,off}  r
    Turns all the LEDs at the given row to the desired color

After you have installed everything (see my previous post), try opening the Eigen.LED.Test object to play around with the lights.

A demo patcher showing how to control the LEDs on the Eigenharp


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3 Responses to “Controlling the LEDs of the Alpha”

  • Nice job !!! but I downloaded the folder and the object Eigen.LEDControllerV2 is missing. Could you send me that object ?
    This will work on TAU too ?

    • admin says:

      Ouch. Sorry about that. I have added that missing object to the archive and updated the link in this post.

      As far as the TAU is concerned, I honestly don’t know. Although I tried not to make too many assumptions about the hardware, I have only tested my objects with the Alpha. I assume the OSC data stream is the same but if it isn’t, it will be necessary to tweak the OSCInputV2 and/or OCProcessor objects.

      Please report back here if you find out so that others can know as well.

  • […] It assumes that the Eigen.OSCInputV2 object is instantiated somewhere. That object is responsible for receiving incoming OSC data from the Eigenharp and converting into data that is easily handled by Max. It uses the [Eigen.LEDControllerV2] which was described in an earlier post. […]

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