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Using Max/MSP to control the Eigenharp

About me

Thanks for visiting my site.

I’ve been involved in the software technology world for about 35 years. After thirteen very productive years at IBM Research where, among many other activities, I created and managed a computer music research group and was an elected member of the IBM Academy of Technology, I left to found my first software company, Digiportal Software, where we developed website aggregation technology and anti-spam applications. Later, I spent three years at a hedge fund and after that I co-founded Deskew Technologies where we created and sell Scorecerer, an iPad-based sheet music manager for rehearsal and live performance use.

I’m also a musician (keyboards, guitar, eigenharp) currently performing with The Security Project and Beyond The Wall

My ever-changing MaxMSP environment is used extensively in both of these bands.

David Jameson, Ph.D.

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  • Wiebe Marten Wijnj says:

    Hello there, Djhdjh. I’ve read about your max for Eigenharp site on the forum, and, because I just got a pico and already have Max installed on my computer, very interested in playing with it, mainly because I’m not sure yet about buying Workbench. Do you know if there is an EigenD OSC-output setup for the Pico at this moment?

  • admin says:

    I’m not aware of an official one but if you ask on the forums, I’m sure someone will point you at the appropriate Belcanto code necessary to create such a setup. I’m sure several people have played with it already.

  • Scuz says:

    Hello there David,
    These posts could not have been better timed, I’m just about to start experimenting with osc messages to max. I’ll be using Pico but we’ll see how it goes. Just one question, does the eigenharp just send out the right osc messages all the time? or have you had to set anything up in eigen commander?

    thanks man, I look forward to working on it.

    • admin says:

      You have to create a setup for EigenD to do it. Several people on the Eigen forums have created such setups that just send out OSC for the Pico
      I was able to do it with WorkBench for my Alpha but I still had to ask a lot of questions.

  • Wiebe Marten says:

    Finally I’ve had time to work with the Pico again. I downloaded the Pico OSC setup that can be found on the EigenLabs wiki, worked through your blog posts and downloaded all the code from this website.
    What I’ve got working so far:
    -Creating MIDI events/making sound using the Pico
    -Implementing a new OSC-route for the breath controller and the strip.
    -rebuiling the Eigen.Alpha.KeyDisplay to show the Pico keys as well as the breath controller and the strip.

    So now I’d like to try and change the LED colors on the Pico. However, the that you’ve created shows up as a folder in Windows. Max is unable to load it.
    What can I do to make it work? Or do you still have the source of it somewhere?

    • admin says:

      Sorry about that. Unfortunately the mxo is for the Macintosh only. Here’s a link for the source code but I’m not sure it will be of much use to you as it’s written in Objective C and uses Cocoa.

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